IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

Things to know about IELTS

As a students who are aiming for Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree in UK, you should take IELTS Academic
The cost of IELTS is Rp. 2.700.000,- and you will directed to pay to Yayasan Dewan Inggris Indonesia by Bank Transfer
Registration of IELTS can be done at IBEC Offices
IELTS valid for 2 years
It takes about 13 days after the test date to get your result
You will get 1 IELTS certificate. If you need extra certificate, it will cost you Rp. 50.000,- per certificate
ID Card (KTP/ Passport) has to be included on registration and should be shown when you come for the test
If you are late on the date of your test, NO refund and will not be allowed to enter the exam room
The four components of the IELTS test:
a. Listening; Timing=10mins, Questions= there are 40 questions, Test Parts=There are 4 sections
b. Reading; Timing=60mins, Questions= there are 40 questions, Test Parts= There are 3 sections
c. Writing; Timing=60mins, Tasks= there are 2 tasks, you are required to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2, Test Parts= There are 2 parts
d. Speaking; Timing=11-14mins, Test Parts= there are 3 parts (Introduction and interview, Individual long turn, two-way discussion)
IELTS Test Date in 2016
* September 2016
Jakarta 3, 10 & 24 Sept
Bandung 10 Sept* October 2016
Jakarta 8, 22 & 29 Okt
Bandung 22 Okt* November 2016
Jakarta 5, 19 & 26 Nov
Bandung 19 Nov* December 2016
Jakarta 3 & 10 Dec
Bandung 10 Dec